you and your friend had 2 way frs/GMRS radios, or c.b radios, or cellphone, would they work

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The moon is so close to earth it could pick up the cellphone towers from earth and provide cellphone service on the moon? Am I right? Or If you turn on your cellphone would you not have any phone service on the moon? 

Would a 2 way radio frs GMRS work on the moon? Would a cb radio work on the moon?

The signal strength problem is simply a matter of setting up a sufficiently good antenna on either end (which would, on Earth, violate all regulations with regard to EIRP). So, provided you ignore the legal issue of EIRP, any two way radio like frs or CB would work with a good enough antenna. 

With a cellphone, you’ll have the additional issue of signal delay – the towers simply won’t let you log in if your delay is too large, and IIRC even the underlying standard will not provide for a large enough delay setting, should you have the possibility to commander a BTS/BSS.

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