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The Canon G7X is an overpriced digital still camera that get poor reviews for its video performance. Why? Because it’s not designed to do video. Yes, technically it can make a video, but technically you can drive in a nail with a frying pan. That doesn’t make a frying pan a suitable replacement for a hammer. 

Get a camcorder which, by the way, can also be used to take still photographs, too. For about $100 more than the price of a G7X, you can get a 4K camcorder which will be enormously better for video than any digital camera at any price. 

I’ve watched a lot of videos on comparing a digital camera to a camcorder, and they all say the same thing: Camcorders are superior to digital cameras, and the only reason to buy a digital camera over a camcorder is for that shallow depth-of-field look that you can get from digital cameras that have at least an APS-C or full-frame sized sensor. The G7X has a much smaller sensor which cannot produce that kind of look. Therefore, there’s literally no reason to buy a G7X over a camcorder.

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